Thursday, September 29, 2011

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), my 2nd home.

Kampus Gong Badak, 21300, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman

I have to admit that my University is a new one because it was establish on January 1st, 2006. But I am very impressed with what I have seen in this University so far. It have good accommodation for the student, big library, great lecturers, fair rules and etc.. Now, i'm not criticizing or judging my own University but its really fun here. Before I continue further, I am proudly to say that I am one of UniSZA student under the Faculty of Law and International Relations. I am in my 1st degree in UniSZA. Furthermore, I am from Sabah, so you can guess how much I have to sacrifices just to  reach at Terengganu. Ok, move on. I would like to put some pictures and telling things about my University here. Here we goo!!! :)

Faculty of Law and International Relations

There is 62 of us that manage to get our calls from UniSZA to join the Faculty of Law and International Relations (FLAIR/FUHA). But recently, there is a second intake for FLAIR. Now, our member of 1st degree FLAIR from 62 become 65 people ! I'm thrilled because the many means the merrier it is! 
Hmm.. I can sense some grammatical error here, haha. But nevermind, move on!

I know.. There is no quality for the picture ( and most of it, below). But we do try everything we can but it seems that.. we just don't have any scanner and good camera with high mega-pixel here. sobs :(


This is our very own Mosque in the University. I know that you must be thinking that 'why does that mosque colour is purplish' right? Well, every night, there is a light around the mosque that light up purplish color so there you have it, a very gorgeous yet unique type of mosque. Seriously, by the 1st time I see this mosque from a picture or Internet, all I was thinking that ' oh.. must be GRAPHICAL effect to make it stand out' but seriously, this mosque is real with its UNIQUENESS. 


This is one of the oldest building in UniSZA. Before this place become a University, it is actually just a college that known as KUSZA (Kolej Ugama Sultan Zainal Abidin).  It looks like antique isn't it :)


This is how my class looks like. I know, it is not that glamorous type of looking with so much hi-techs stuff but this is about knowledge we are talking about! We can get knowledge from anywhere and everywhere. So, I'll just be grateful for what I have been given. 


This is our Hall. People in UniSZA commonly call this place as DABS (Dewan Al-Muktafi Billah Shah). Any big event will be taken in this hall.


This is how the mosque looks like in the day-time.


This is how the stage looks like inside DABS. I still remember my (we) 1st performance for the orientation week is to dance 'little chicken' song. Gosh.. It was my 1st most embarrassing moments in-front of public and yet, it is one of my funniest and enjoyable moment in UniSZA.


This building is my house! 

 5th FLOOR

Ladies and gentlemen, guess what, I live on the 5th floor. Gosh, it is really tiring, but fun and healthy too. You can say that I do exercise everyday. :)


This is how it looks like when you are at the 'PEAK'. 


This is my house door. I am so much grateful for having a very nice house-mates. :)


There were many kinds of sport here in UniSZA. Sometimes, they will make a sport event.
Uh Oh, that blue shirt group is my friend. They are from SUKSIS btw.


I take this picture because it looks cool. hehe

This is the view if you are in our house.


I have to admit this one. We do WALK a long road every single day. There is no bus coming around in UniSZA to fetch the student and transport any of them to anywhere inside UniSZA. Whether you use your own motorcycle, car or u WALK. 1000 steps a day for fitness? haha, mission accomplish.


Sorry about the library picture. this is all I have. But! for some intro, this is my buddy and roomates. About the library, I have to say that it is big enough for all. There is so many law books and others. Here some extra information! There is Twilight and Harry Potter series too there!!!

My Bed

This is how it looks like when I first arrive on my 1st room. There is bed, other furniture, table to study and others. All of the new student will be given a room ( 2 person shares a room). But it will only be in a week. After finish up the orientation, then we will be given a new room again with a new roomate.

Kitchen :3

The kitchen is really simple. Sadly enough, we can't cook anything here except for boiling waters. But I think, maybe we can buy a rice cooker but still, any kind of machine is prohibited because of certain reasons.

Around the house

This is how it looks like around the house. Its quite big if you ask me. But actually, our 5th room is alot smaller than the other floor because the highest floor only have 4 room while others have 5 room.

Living Room

This is my favourite spot in the house. The living room!! Its have all of the furniture needed here and we can study, eat or gather with friends together in the living room.


The toilet is not so bad because i have seen alot worser before ( believe me).


This is how it looks like back at the orientation day. We have to be in a group, stay in a group, walk in a group all the time and it is tiring. We have to walk so far in a group and sometimes we just have to walk all around the University all day. But its a good exercise and we have the chance to view around the university.


This is one of the Orientation activities. It is at Camp Merang, Terengganu. My group is lucky enough because we did not have to sleep overnight at the camp because of thunderstorm. But we still have the chance to do all of the activities like Jungle tracking which looks like mountain climbing hehe and swimming!


This is the Camp Merang lake.

Project from Group

I know everyone must be asking 'What the FROG is that thing' or some of the Geek will say 'Whats that Pokemon' right? Well, back from our group activities, we were ask to invent something from our surrounding. So we decided make something that is natural friendly. So there you are.. Our very own.... umbrella. 

Restaurant at the City

This is the first time for me to go out from the University. So well, the first thing we want to check out is the FOOD!

Jogging with Friends

We usually are going to jogging around 4pm to 6pm. The university is big enough for us to jog around or even cycling.


This is the place where I get my haircut.

Table for 1 Group Please!

This one I have to be honest. The food in Terengganu is very delicious and furthermore, its cheap!


This is my friend and we like to eat ! hehe

Pasar Malam

This is the Pasar Malam. They held this place every Thursday and Saturday. There is so much things you can see here but as always, the food is the best.


We have convocation at the University.

Convocation II

They sell so many kind of thing here like computer stuff, clothing, books and etc.


There is so many cats in this University and there is many many of it!! Plus, they are sooo cute. 

Cats II

This is the cats from the previous picture.....
Just Kidding! :)

UMS Road

I know that this is out from the topic but when I am in form 6, I always keep this 2 picture with me, UMS and UM picture. It is my dream to be in those University. But somehow, I am destined to be here, in UniSZA. It is sad for not be able to be in my dream University but I believe that everything does not come with merely coincidence. So, be grateful for whatever we were given!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Women Behind The Man

'A Woman Can Make Or Break a Man'

This is another comment often heard. It is true that she can make him feel like a giant or the proverbial 'mouse'. Many times women tend to forget the power they hold in the man-women relationship. A word of encouragement or a tender touch can make a men feel ten feet tall and ready to conquer the world and yet, just as easily, a nagging word and cool attitude can make him a total failure. A woman can play a key in retarding or stimulating a man's career. If she goes into marriage with her mind set on competing for the position of power, conflict after conflict will result.

A woman must think positive; believe in her husband/boyfriend and willing to take a risk with him. She must allow him the latitude of making mistakes and misjudgments. Many times women are filled with fear of the unknown. Sometimes it gets to the point that she cannot let the man step out and do anything without her approval, or thinking it won't work. She can stifle him by mistrust - wanting to know what he's been doing, where he has been and who he has been seeing. This attitude can easily lead toward a 'mother-son' role instead of a 'husband-wife' role.

The woman behind the man IS a very important ingredient in his success. She can add spice or she can sour a relationship. If a couple is going to build a business together they must nictate in one or two areas of their lives and not the rest. Thus it takes them twice as long to get where they are going.

I recall this quote but I can't really remember about it but here some of the glimpse.
'Love is so Unique. Even the most powerful, thoughest and braviest man will shed tears for the one they love. They will try to repent any tears or weaknesses even when they are facing the most toughest test in their life but when it comes to LOVE, any man in this world will become like a cloud that flies in the sky'.
Maybe I over exaggerating about the quotes but never mind, at least you all get the idea right? 

The conclusion is ...

Remember the little train huffing and puffing up to sheep mountain grade saying, "I thought I could - I thought I could - I though I could!' A woman can give her husband/mates the kind of encouragement and inspiration to believe he can do anything- going right to the top and having a great sense of satisfaction in knowing they did it together- to the top and beyond.

Credit for : 'Dont Let Anybody Steal Your Dream' by Dexter Yager
for such an inspiring book ever!