Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Women Behind The Man

'A Woman Can Make Or Break a Man'

This is another comment often heard. It is true that she can make him feel like a giant or the proverbial 'mouse'. Many times women tend to forget the power they hold in the man-women relationship. A word of encouragement or a tender touch can make a men feel ten feet tall and ready to conquer the world and yet, just as easily, a nagging word and cool attitude can make him a total failure. A woman can play a key in retarding or stimulating a man's career. If she goes into marriage with her mind set on competing for the position of power, conflict after conflict will result.

A woman must think positive; believe in her husband/boyfriend and willing to take a risk with him. She must allow him the latitude of making mistakes and misjudgments. Many times women are filled with fear of the unknown. Sometimes it gets to the point that she cannot let the man step out and do anything without her approval, or thinking it won't work. She can stifle him by mistrust - wanting to know what he's been doing, where he has been and who he has been seeing. This attitude can easily lead toward a 'mother-son' role instead of a 'husband-wife' role.

The woman behind the man IS a very important ingredient in his success. She can add spice or she can sour a relationship. If a couple is going to build a business together they must nictate in one or two areas of their lives and not the rest. Thus it takes them twice as long to get where they are going.

I recall this quote but I can't really remember about it but here some of the glimpse.
'Love is so Unique. Even the most powerful, thoughest and braviest man will shed tears for the one they love. They will try to repent any tears or weaknesses even when they are facing the most toughest test in their life but when it comes to LOVE, any man in this world will become like a cloud that flies in the sky'.
Maybe I over exaggerating about the quotes but never mind, at least you all get the idea right? 

The conclusion is ...

Remember the little train huffing and puffing up to sheep mountain grade saying, "I thought I could - I thought I could - I though I could!' A woman can give her husband/mates the kind of encouragement and inspiration to believe he can do anything- going right to the top and having a great sense of satisfaction in knowing they did it together- to the top and beyond.

Credit for : 'Dont Let Anybody Steal Your Dream' by Dexter Yager
for such an inspiring book ever!

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