Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Fresh Start

I think its time for me to re-start my blogging activities. I don’t have anything to do anyway and typing is still one of my hobbies these days. But there are some complications… It’s my Internet Connection! This “thing” is killing me softly. But nothing can stop me. I know that my blog is totally unpopular and I don’t think I have any subscriber or viewers for the time being, but giving up is not an option in my life. Plus, starting over is like a rebirth for me. I will have some changes this time. I will pick an interesting topic to share or debate with, topics that’s inspiring, topics that make people realize something and so much more. Some people will ask me, why choose the title “Stories Of Life” for your blog? Why don’t you use “Irwan John’s Life” or “Real Life Events” like I do before? Well, the answer is pretty simple actually. “Stories Of Life” means something that really happen in human life and this time, this stories is not only meant about my life but its also for others that live in this earth with their own experiences; their story of life to be untold. But for now, I hope that I can make it right this time. The theme is quite interesting, but I hope that I can grapple with this theme by time to time. Moreover, my story of life will surely be one of the main story in this blog. If there is anyone that is willing to share their Story of life with me, kindly e-mail me ; Lockheart91@gmail.com.

From time to time, each man will grow and learn many new experiences.
Neither good story nor a bad story will be one of them.
 Thus, from all of this, each one of man will have their own story; the story of life.
Therefore, here I am as one of the man in the world to share my story of life.

P/s: I will be posting a Malay Language post as well in future and I have to remove my old Blog cause of some unexplained factor.

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