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Personality Types

Personality typing is a tool with many uses. It's especially notable for it's helpfulness in the areas of growth and self-development. Learning and applying the theories of personality type can be a powerful and rewarding experience, if it is used as a tool for discovery, rather than as a method for putting people into boxes, or as an excuse for behavior.
The sixteen personality types which we use in our assessment are based on the well-known research of Carl Jung, Katharine C. Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers. Carl Jung first developed the theory that individuals each had a psychological type. He believed that there were two basic kinds of "functions" which humans used in their lives: how we take in information (how we "perceive" things), and how we make decisions. He believed that within these two categories, there were two opposite ways of functioning. We can perceive information via 1) our senses, or 2) our intuition. We can make decisions based on 1) objective logic, or 2) subjective feelings. Jung believed that we all use these four functions in our lives, but that each individual uses the different functions with a varying amount of success and frequency. He believed that we could identify an order of preference for these functions within individuals. The function which someone uses most frequently is their "dominant" function. The dominant function is supported by an auxiliary (2nd) function, tertiary (3rd) function, and inferior (4th) function. He asserted that individuals either "extraverted" or "introverted" their dominant function. He felt that the dominant function was so important, that it overshadowed all of the other functions in terms of defining personality type. Therefore, Jung defined eight personality types:
  1. Extraverted Sensing (modern types: ESFP, ESTP)
  2. Introverted Sensing (modern types: ISTJ, ISFJ)
  3. Extraverted Intuition (modern types: ENFP, ENTP)
  4. Introverted Intuition (modern types: INFJ, INTJ)
  5. Extraverted Thinking (modern types: ESTJ, ENTJ)
  6. Introverted Thinking (modern types: ISTP, INTP)
  7. Extraverted Feeling (modern types: ESFJ, ENFJ)
  8. Introverted Feeling (modern types: INFP, ISFP)
Katharine Briggs expounded upon Jung's work, quietly working in silence and developing his theories further. But it was Katharine's daughter Isabel who was really responsible for making the work on Personality Types visible. Isabel, using her mother's work and Jung's work, asserted the importance of the auxiliary function working with the dominant function in defining Personality Type. While incorporating the auxiliary function into the picture, it became apparent that there was another distinctive preference which hadn't been defined by Jung: Judging and Perceiving. The developed theory today is that every individual has a primary mode of operation within four categories:
  1. our flow of energy
  2. how we take in information
  3. how we prefer to make decisions
  4. the basic day-to-day lifestyle that we prefer
Within each of these categories, we "prefer" to be either:
  1. Extraverted or Introverted
  2. Sensing or iNtuitive
  3. Thinking or Feeling
  4. Judging or Perceiving
We all naturally use one mode of operation within each category more easily and more frequently than we use the other mode of operation. So, we are said to "prefer" one function over the other. The combination of our four "preferences" defines our personality type. Although everybody functions across the entire spectrum of the preferences, each individual has a natural preference which leans in one direction or the other within the four categories.Our Flow of Energy defines how we receive the essential part of our stimulation. Do we receive it from within ourselves (Introverted) or from external sources (Extraverted)? Is our dominant function focused externally or internally?
The topic of how we Take in Information deals with our preferred method of taking in and absorbing information. Do we trust our five senses (Sensing) to take in information, or do we rely on our instincts (iNtuitive)?
The third type of preference, how we prefer to Make Decisions, refers to whether we are prone to decide things based on logic and objective consideration (Thinking), or based on our personal, subjective value systems (Feeling).
These first three preferences were the basis of Jung's theory of Personalty Types. Isabel Briggs Myers developed the theory of the fourth preference, which is concerned with how we deal with the external world on a Day-to-day Basis. Are we organized and purposeful, and more comfortable with scheduled, structured environments (Judging), or are we flexible and diverse, and more comfortable with open, casual environments (Perceiving)? From a theoretical perspective, we know that if our highest Extraverted function is a Decision Making function, we prefer Judging. If our highest Extraverted function is an Information Gathering function, we prefer Perceiving.

Reference :


Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, they work steadily towards identified goals. They can usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it.


Quiet and reserved, interested in how and why things work. Excellent skills with mechanical things. Risk-takers who they live for the moment. Usually interested in and talented at extreme sports. Uncomplicated in their desires. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.


Quiet, kind, and conscientious. Can be depended on to follow through. Usually puts the needs of others above their own needs. Stable and practical, they value security and traditions. Well-developed sense of space and function. Rich inner world of observations about people. Extremely perceptive of other's feelings. Interested in serving others.


Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Do not like conflict, and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Extremely well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Flexible and open-minded. Likely to be original and creative. Enjoy the present moment.


Quietly forceful, original, and sensitive. Tend to stick to things until they are done. Extremely intuitive about people, and concerned for their feelings. Well-developed value systems which they strictly adhere to. Well-respected for their perserverence in doing the right thing. Likely to be individualistic, rather than leading or following.


Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with. Extremely loyal. Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Usually talented writers. Mentally quick, and able to see possibilities. Interested in understanding and helping people.


Independent, original, analytical, and determined. Have an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. Highly value knowledge, competence, and structure. Driven to derive meaning from their visions. Long-range thinkers. Have very high standards for their performance, and the performance of others. Natural leaders, but will follow if they trust existing leaders.


Logical, original, creative thinkers. Can become very excited about theories and ideas. Exceptionally capable and driven to turn theories into clear understandings. Highly value knowledge, competence and logic. Quiet and reserved, hard to get to know well. Individualistic, having no interest in leading or following others.


Friendly, adaptable, action-oriented. "Doers" who are focused on immediate results. Living in the here-and-now, they're risk-takers who live fast-paced lifestyles. Impatient with long explanations. Extremely loyal to their peers, but not usually respectful of laws and rules if they get in the way of getting things done. Great people skills.


Practical, traditional, and organized. Likely to be athletic. Not interested in theory or abstraction unless they see the practical application. Have clear visions of the way things should be. Loyal and hard-working. Like to be in charge. Exceptionally capable in organizing and running activities. "Good citizens" who value security and peaceful living.


People-oriented and fun-loving, they make things more fun for others by their enjoyment. Living for the moment, they love new experiences. They dislike theory and impersonal analysis. Interested in serving others. Likely to be the center of attention in social situations. Well-developed common sense and practical ability.


Warm-hearted, popular, and conscientious. Tend to put the needs of others over their own needs. Feel strong sense of responsibility and duty. Value traditions and security. Interested in serving others. Need positive reinforcement to feel good about themselves. Well-developed sense of space and function.


Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Great people skills. Need to live life in accordance with their inner values. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.


Popular and sensitive, with outstanding people skills. Externally focused, with real concern for how others think and feel. Usually dislike being alone. They see everything from the human angle, and dislike impersonal analysis. Very effective at managing people issues, and leading group discussions. Interested in serving others, and probably place the needs of others over their own needs.


Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Enjoy debating issues, and may be into "one-up-manship". They get very excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. Generally outspoken and assertive. They enjoy people and are stimulating company. Excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions.


Assertive and outspoken - they are driven to lead. Excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions. Intelligent and well-informed, they usually excel at public speaking. They value knowledge and competence, and usually have little patience with inefficiency or disorganization.

Reference :

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Apa itu Kawan? .......

Kawan itu ibarat Lebah,
habis madu disepah buang ...

Kawan itu umpama bunga ros,
dipandang cantik dipegang sakit...

Kawan itu seperti air terus mengalir ...

Kawan tu bak bulan dipuja dan disanjung tapi nun jauh disana ...

Kawan itu macam makanan,
kawan makan kawan !!

Kawan itu seperti lembu,
mengikut saja apa dikata ...

Kawan itu tak ubah macam durian
bau saja busuk tapi sedap dimakan ...

Kawan tu macam biskut,
sekejap ada, sekejap tiada ...

Tapi bagi saya ...

Kawan itu tak kisahlah macamana ...
Walaupun dia ibarat LEBAH, UMPAMA BUNGA
Dia tetap Kawan,
tau tak sebab kenapa?
sekali saya dah Kawan dengan dia,
Selamanya dia tetap Kawan saya,
Itu cara saya berkawan !!

Inspired/Credit goes to :

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), my 2nd home.

Kampus Gong Badak, 21300, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman

I have to admit that my University is a new one because it was establish on January 1st, 2006. But I am very impressed with what I have seen in this University so far. It have good accommodation for the student, big library, great lecturers, fair rules and etc.. Now, i'm not criticizing or judging my own University but its really fun here. Before I continue further, I am proudly to say that I am one of UniSZA student under the Faculty of Law and International Relations. I am in my 1st degree in UniSZA. Furthermore, I am from Sabah, so you can guess how much I have to sacrifices just to  reach at Terengganu. Ok, move on. I would like to put some pictures and telling things about my University here. Here we goo!!! :)

Faculty of Law and International Relations

There is 62 of us that manage to get our calls from UniSZA to join the Faculty of Law and International Relations (FLAIR/FUHA). But recently, there is a second intake for FLAIR. Now, our member of 1st degree FLAIR from 62 become 65 people ! I'm thrilled because the many means the merrier it is! 
Hmm.. I can sense some grammatical error here, haha. But nevermind, move on!

I know.. There is no quality for the picture ( and most of it, below). But we do try everything we can but it seems that.. we just don't have any scanner and good camera with high mega-pixel here. sobs :(


This is our very own Mosque in the University. I know that you must be thinking that 'why does that mosque colour is purplish' right? Well, every night, there is a light around the mosque that light up purplish color so there you have it, a very gorgeous yet unique type of mosque. Seriously, by the 1st time I see this mosque from a picture or Internet, all I was thinking that ' oh.. must be GRAPHICAL effect to make it stand out' but seriously, this mosque is real with its UNIQUENESS. 


This is one of the oldest building in UniSZA. Before this place become a University, it is actually just a college that known as KUSZA (Kolej Ugama Sultan Zainal Abidin).  It looks like antique isn't it :)


This is how my class looks like. I know, it is not that glamorous type of looking with so much hi-techs stuff but this is about knowledge we are talking about! We can get knowledge from anywhere and everywhere. So, I'll just be grateful for what I have been given. 


This is our Hall. People in UniSZA commonly call this place as DABS (Dewan Al-Muktafi Billah Shah). Any big event will be taken in this hall.


This is how the mosque looks like in the day-time.


This is how the stage looks like inside DABS. I still remember my (we) 1st performance for the orientation week is to dance 'little chicken' song. Gosh.. It was my 1st most embarrassing moments in-front of public and yet, it is one of my funniest and enjoyable moment in UniSZA.


This building is my house! 

 5th FLOOR

Ladies and gentlemen, guess what, I live on the 5th floor. Gosh, it is really tiring, but fun and healthy too. You can say that I do exercise everyday. :)


This is how it looks like when you are at the 'PEAK'. 


This is my house door. I am so much grateful for having a very nice house-mates. :)


There were many kinds of sport here in UniSZA. Sometimes, they will make a sport event.
Uh Oh, that blue shirt group is my friend. They are from SUKSIS btw.


I take this picture because it looks cool. hehe

This is the view if you are in our house.


I have to admit this one. We do WALK a long road every single day. There is no bus coming around in UniSZA to fetch the student and transport any of them to anywhere inside UniSZA. Whether you use your own motorcycle, car or u WALK. 1000 steps a day for fitness? haha, mission accomplish.


Sorry about the library picture. this is all I have. But! for some intro, this is my buddy and roomates. About the library, I have to say that it is big enough for all. There is so many law books and others. Here some extra information! There is Twilight and Harry Potter series too there!!!

My Bed

This is how it looks like when I first arrive on my 1st room. There is bed, other furniture, table to study and others. All of the new student will be given a room ( 2 person shares a room). But it will only be in a week. After finish up the orientation, then we will be given a new room again with a new roomate.

Kitchen :3

The kitchen is really simple. Sadly enough, we can't cook anything here except for boiling waters. But I think, maybe we can buy a rice cooker but still, any kind of machine is prohibited because of certain reasons.

Around the house

This is how it looks like around the house. Its quite big if you ask me. But actually, our 5th room is alot smaller than the other floor because the highest floor only have 4 room while others have 5 room.

Living Room

This is my favourite spot in the house. The living room!! Its have all of the furniture needed here and we can study, eat or gather with friends together in the living room.


The toilet is not so bad because i have seen alot worser before ( believe me).


This is how it looks like back at the orientation day. We have to be in a group, stay in a group, walk in a group all the time and it is tiring. We have to walk so far in a group and sometimes we just have to walk all around the University all day. But its a good exercise and we have the chance to view around the university.


This is one of the Orientation activities. It is at Camp Merang, Terengganu. My group is lucky enough because we did not have to sleep overnight at the camp because of thunderstorm. But we still have the chance to do all of the activities like Jungle tracking which looks like mountain climbing hehe and swimming!


This is the Camp Merang lake.

Project from Group

I know everyone must be asking 'What the FROG is that thing' or some of the Geek will say 'Whats that Pokemon' right? Well, back from our group activities, we were ask to invent something from our surrounding. So we decided make something that is natural friendly. So there you are.. Our very own.... umbrella. 

Restaurant at the City

This is the first time for me to go out from the University. So well, the first thing we want to check out is the FOOD!

Jogging with Friends

We usually are going to jogging around 4pm to 6pm. The university is big enough for us to jog around or even cycling.


This is the place where I get my haircut.

Table for 1 Group Please!

This one I have to be honest. The food in Terengganu is very delicious and furthermore, its cheap!


This is my friend and we like to eat ! hehe

Pasar Malam

This is the Pasar Malam. They held this place every Thursday and Saturday. There is so much things you can see here but as always, the food is the best.


We have convocation at the University.

Convocation II

They sell so many kind of thing here like computer stuff, clothing, books and etc.


There is so many cats in this University and there is many many of it!! Plus, they are sooo cute. 

Cats II

This is the cats from the previous picture.....
Just Kidding! :)

UMS Road

I know that this is out from the topic but when I am in form 6, I always keep this 2 picture with me, UMS and UM picture. It is my dream to be in those University. But somehow, I am destined to be here, in UniSZA. It is sad for not be able to be in my dream University but I believe that everything does not come with merely coincidence. So, be grateful for whatever we were given!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Women Behind The Man

'A Woman Can Make Or Break a Man'

This is another comment often heard. It is true that she can make him feel like a giant or the proverbial 'mouse'. Many times women tend to forget the power they hold in the man-women relationship. A word of encouragement or a tender touch can make a men feel ten feet tall and ready to conquer the world and yet, just as easily, a nagging word and cool attitude can make him a total failure. A woman can play a key in retarding or stimulating a man's career. If she goes into marriage with her mind set on competing for the position of power, conflict after conflict will result.

A woman must think positive; believe in her husband/boyfriend and willing to take a risk with him. She must allow him the latitude of making mistakes and misjudgments. Many times women are filled with fear of the unknown. Sometimes it gets to the point that she cannot let the man step out and do anything without her approval, or thinking it won't work. She can stifle him by mistrust - wanting to know what he's been doing, where he has been and who he has been seeing. This attitude can easily lead toward a 'mother-son' role instead of a 'husband-wife' role.

The woman behind the man IS a very important ingredient in his success. She can add spice or she can sour a relationship. If a couple is going to build a business together they must nictate in one or two areas of their lives and not the rest. Thus it takes them twice as long to get where they are going.

I recall this quote but I can't really remember about it but here some of the glimpse.
'Love is so Unique. Even the most powerful, thoughest and braviest man will shed tears for the one they love. They will try to repent any tears or weaknesses even when they are facing the most toughest test in their life but when it comes to LOVE, any man in this world will become like a cloud that flies in the sky'.
Maybe I over exaggerating about the quotes but never mind, at least you all get the idea right? 

The conclusion is ...

Remember the little train huffing and puffing up to sheep mountain grade saying, "I thought I could - I thought I could - I though I could!' A woman can give her husband/mates the kind of encouragement and inspiration to believe he can do anything- going right to the top and having a great sense of satisfaction in knowing they did it together- to the top and beyond.

Credit for : 'Dont Let Anybody Steal Your Dream' by Dexter Yager
for such an inspiring book ever!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Story Of A Two-Faced Person

The title sure are interesting isn't it? I'm sure many people out there would be wondering what or who is this two-faced person. Well, guess what, this "two-faced person" is around us, they're in our community! Let me correct things here, this "two-faced person" is not a person with two-heads back when they were given birth, no! It's just a metaphor. Nowadays, people recognize this "two-faced person" as "Backstabbers"!

Now, lets hear my story about this "two-faced person". But let me clear something here. Been approach or approaching this kind of people is a nightmare because "they" usually among the people that we know, the people that we trust, the people that we have faith with, the people we call as "Friends", once. So, the experience is totally unpleasant. The feeling of anger, sadness, mistreat and the most painful; our trust with these people been brutally stomp like its nothing.

My first experience been back-stab by my own friend is back when I am in high school. Back then, I have to admit, I am way to naive. Once I meet a new friends, without question, I will totally trust him/her. Its because  I never-ever think that they would do such bad thing to their own friends, in short, I mirror them like myself. I thought If I treat them like this, nicely and friendly, they will do the same. But, I am wrong after all. When we trust somebody, it means that there is nothing to hide from them. Be it maybe our own secrets, something private, something that only "We" should know and etc. But this backstabber, they sure know what they are doing. Firstly, they will "leak" your secret behind you. Then, they will talk bad stuff about you and again, behind you also. Their action surely makes other people look negatively upon you because this "backstabber" do add some additional fake info's that make us look bad with stuff that we never did.

So, my question here. What do you feel when something like this happen. Let me give some examples. Let say that your father or mother is an alcoholic and you're like 15 - 17 years old. Immature enough to think it maturely. You hide this fact because you're ashamed for the ugly truth. You're embarrassed that if all people know, they will talk bad stuff about your family for example ; *whispering : hey, look, thats Irwan right, did you know, that his mother/father is an alcoholic? (gossip do happen). Well, as a teenager, I cannot say much but a teenager usually cannot accept the bad stuff that happen around them. They will usually blame themselves for whatever happen. So, its embarrassing for them and they would prefer to hide it; make it quiet. What about some more serious issue. What if for examples ; *hey, do you know that his father addict to drug before and sent to jail for 10 years?
 When we have problems, we usually tend to speak it out and talk with our best friends. But what if that "Best Friends" is actually a "devil" that like to see other people in suffer? Think about it. Been Back-stab sure are worse than been bully. 
What happen to me is not this serious that involves families, no. Oh, one more thing. Usually, those who have rank, those who have position in a community tend to be back-stab by their own people, this is so true. This is because some people only wanting to be friend with you because of what you have. Think about it. Just be careful.
So, I will not leave the post with nothing. I will provide some tips for handling this "two-faced person". My advice for those who have been back-stab is that, please, please and please, don't be sad. I know it is painful because I've been there. Don't be overcome by this back-stabber, instead, prove yourself to them that you are way better than them. Have faith in yourself. 

Identify Their Behavior!
If you keep a close watch, you will know which one of your colleagues or your friends may be the back-stabbers. A two-faced person may look extra cautious or courteous but there must be something ominous about him/her. They would be the ones who would be eager to take credits for other people and jump at the first chance of belittling others. Knowing the backstabbers will help you to be vigilant and watchful.
Don't Be Naive!
Remember that no matter how good you may be, being naive will only work against you. Know the players and play wise. Don't trust everyone and what they say. As if you put too much trust in someone and that backfires, you are also to be blame by the backbiter. You can ask advice, talk to people but never in any case share your secrets with your colleagues or friends until you have tested the water.
Always Be Alert
The backbiters act mostly when you are least vigilant. So be alert. Don't overlook the dent a backstabber can make. Don't try to change their behavior as they are least likely to change. Backstabbing is an easy way out and also it's better to change ourselves than to wait them to change.
Be A Team Player
It goes without saying. When you are helpful and ready to lend a hand, others will support you when you need them. When you are team player and ever ready to help others, very few people think of harming you. If you want support of other people, you need to be a team player.
Guard Your Repute
Guard your reputation zealously if you want the backstabbers to keep away from you. Make a wall around yourself and let others know that penetrating behind your comfort-zone will not be well received. It doesn't mean you become snooty or pretentious, it just means that you don't give people reason to betray you.
Keep Your Composure
Don't get all worked up even when you are backstabbed. Backstabbing is not a pleasant experience especially when you hear the fabricated story about you. However, you need to keep cool, and don't let it get to you.Remember the Oscar Wilde's saying, "Forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them much". Stick to this phrase like your apostle.
Take The High Road
Never in any case, sink to their level to get with them. There won't be any difference between you and them then. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind". Hurling abuses at your backstabber will only make situation worse. If you want, confront them. However, be composed and get out of the argument, before it gets dirty.
Learn The Survival Tactics
Running away from the situation is no solution. Learn to handle the backstabbers in your own ways. Make more friends at work and keep away from back bitters. Don't speak negative about the backbiters. Stay pleasant and use specific language in handling them. Always stand straight and keep one foot slightly ahead of other as this help you pose confidently. Don't take backbiting personally and keep yourself strong and confident.
Well, that concludes "The Story Of A Two Faced-Person".
If you have any story to tell, or any correction to make with any error that I did or to add anything, simply email me :

A Fresh Start

I think its time for me to re-start my blogging activities. I don’t have anything to do anyway and typing is still one of my hobbies these days. But there are some complications… It’s my Internet Connection! This “thing” is killing me softly. But nothing can stop me. I know that my blog is totally unpopular and I don’t think I have any subscriber or viewers for the time being, but giving up is not an option in my life. Plus, starting over is like a rebirth for me. I will have some changes this time. I will pick an interesting topic to share or debate with, topics that’s inspiring, topics that make people realize something and so much more. Some people will ask me, why choose the title “Stories Of Life” for your blog? Why don’t you use “Irwan John’s Life” or “Real Life Events” like I do before? Well, the answer is pretty simple actually. “Stories Of Life” means something that really happen in human life and this time, this stories is not only meant about my life but its also for others that live in this earth with their own experiences; their story of life to be untold. But for now, I hope that I can make it right this time. The theme is quite interesting, but I hope that I can grapple with this theme by time to time. Moreover, my story of life will surely be one of the main story in this blog. If there is anyone that is willing to share their Story of life with me, kindly e-mail me ;

From time to time, each man will grow and learn many new experiences.
Neither good story nor a bad story will be one of them.
 Thus, from all of this, each one of man will have their own story; the story of life.
Therefore, here I am as one of the man in the world to share my story of life.

P/s: I will be posting a Malay Language post as well in future and I have to remove my old Blog cause of some unexplained factor.